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Effective Off- Page SEO Techniques To Get Your Business On Top

Off-page optimization has the noteworthy impact on search engine rankings. If you rank for a keyword on 2nd or 3rd page, it’ not going to help to get any single sale. To get results, you need to reserve the first spot in major search engine including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The more quality backlinks your website has, the more you have chances to rank at no. 1. Here I outlined advanced off page SEO techniques. If you follow them, you will see the great improvement in organic search engine traffic and ranking.

#1 Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an organic SEO technique. Blog commenting lets you build friendly relation with other Webmasters and bloggers. Videos and Infographics get more comments as compare to simple words. So try and participate on the blog that has a lot of interesting stuff. Also, it can get you link juice from quality sites but, that is possible only if you’re commenting on a do-follow comment luv blog.

Several bloggers are using blog comments to establish their relationship with other popular bloggers.

Blog commenting is not at all about getting links on keywords or you may say it’s not a place to target your website and many newbies make such mistakes. They try to get backlinks from anchor text using in comment body and using the keyword at the place of the name. The result is time wasting; nobody wants someone to come and spam their blog.

Most of the time comments are moderated and if noticed you are commenting to get only a backlink, they click on spam section and your comment is gone for forever in spam section and you become a spammer in particular webmaster opinion.

So, avoid spamming and make efforts to get good backlinks in your niche.

#2 Guest posting

Guest posting will always be on the top and is one of the best off page SEO techniques. It does not only help in getting do-follow links from authority sites but also send a lot of referral traffic to your blog that leads to fame and connections also. Know How?

When you contribute a guest post to the top blog in your niche, it will be shared by the top blogger at their social networking sites. And it’s very much clear that top blog has lots of followers on social media.

Search for authority blogs in your niche, check the organic traffic in SEMRUSH or SIMILAR WEB, if the blog has no traffic, then it will not add much value for you. It’s better to avoid blogs with no traffic and put more efforts to find blogs with good organic traffic.

Try and write in-depth articles. These depth articles always rank higher in Google search results. Average Google 1st page’s results have 1,800 words.

Reply to every comment on your blog by doing this; you will build the connections with blog audience. Just imagine the potential of guest posting.

Share it with your social media audience; if they’ll love to read it and if some found value in your content, they may invite you for guest posting on their blog.

Don’t wait, give it a try as this is for sure a most powerful off page SEO.

#3 Answer Questions

If you are participating in answering questions on sites like Quora or, you are actually establishing your reputation as an expert in your niche. You can also place your website’s link in the source section so that it is easier for people to visit your web page. If you are not involved in spamming, this will be great to enhance the popularity of your link.

#4 Local Listings

In accordance with the niche of your website, you can find the listings in the local directories and it is immensely helpful. Why face huge competition in the global market, when you can list your website locally and promote the business? This enables to reach your target audience and the search engines are also able to view the site and fetch the necessary content.

#5 Create Profile

The ability to dominate a market segment, particularly if you are a local brand, highly depends on the brand awareness you build in your local community, whether through offline or online.

Local link building nowadays is leading towards partnerships with local organizations and institutions as well as really getting into the minds of your customers (mindshare), which is a solid combination of an off-page SEO strategy that can certainly impact your lead generation process.

One easy way, but mostly overlooked off-page SEO technique in building local links is creating niche profiles.


How to Plan E-commerce SEO Strategy for Your Website?

It’s important to rank on the top for your e-commerce website by knowing all the SEO tips and tricks. Whether you have just launched a website or improving an existing website, this E-commerce SEO strategy will help you not only be on the first page but to rank #1.


Step 1- Research

Research is the most important part of this E-commerce SEO strategy. It includes- Keyword and Competitor Research.

Right keywords’ selection is important in SEO for an e-commerce website. The selection of keywords should be based on the relevancy, search volume, competition or keyword difficulty. It’s always better to select the exact match keywords. Because too broad keywords will result in low conversion rate and high bounce rate.

Competitor research also plays an important role in SEO e-commerce website. By spying their keywords, inbound links, PA and DA, improvements can be done on the website.


Step 2- Identification of Current Problems

It is important to identify the current problems for the good performance of the website and better user experience. So download the Screaming Frog and analyze your pages deeply for duplicate titles, duplicate descriptions, missing meta tags, missing ALT text. Also, fix all the broken links in Google Search Console tool as they will hurt your SEO efforts and keep the visitors away.

In e-commerce websites, there are duplication problems. So analyze your site though Siteliner for the internal content and Copyscape for the external content.

Check the website speed at Google speed test and fix it to retain your visitors and sales. Site speed is one of the ranking factors used by Google and it is important as the faster the page loads, the customers will be more satisfied.

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Step 3- On Page Optimization

Analyzing on page optimization factors is the crucial step of e-commerce SEO strategy to rank at the top position in search results. So focus on the optimization of below-mentioned factors-


  1. Keywords and Content Optimization- Include target keywords in the page title, headings, paragraph copy, product descriptions, meta title and description, URLs. Don’t over optimize the meta tags and keep it user-friendly to achieve higher click through rates.


  1. Site Structure and Navigation- Website should follow a proper hierarchy containing right products under the right category. So that user can easily navigate through main tabs when he searches or purchases a product.


  1. Mobile Version of Site- It is important to have the mobile version of the site as Google is giving significant preference to the mobile version especially after Mobile First Indexing update. To target a larger audience this is essential as most of the people prefer shopping from mobile devices and this will grow in the upcoming years. So having the mobile app is also an additional advantage to achieve high sales.


  1. URL Optimization- This is one easy way to improve SEO for e-commerce website. As there are many products, so URL should follow a proper structure containing a target keyword and SEO friendliness.


Also, you need to put SEO efforts on internal linking optimization, building customer reviews, rich snippets and schema markup implementations, image optimization and social media integration of the site. Block the payment and other critical pages in the  robots.txt file of the site.


Remember to use white hat SEO strategies to achieve higher rankings in SERPs. So that you have fewer risks and long term quality relationships.


Step 4- Off Page Factors

Currently, off page SEO techniques are based on personal branding, relationship building, content outreach methods. Link earning techniques are getting more value than traditional link building techniques. Building links through social channels are the better way to interact with your customer and persuade them to buy your products.


So follow the above steps to achieve success in the SEO of your e-commerce website.

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30 Best Online Local Business Directories for SEO in the USA

Most of the people search Google for information on local services and find their way to a local business directory. Many of these local directories rank well in organic search rankings for important search queries. So building a local citation or creating online business listings in these directories for SEO will give you the higher rank. You can appear on these local directories site that ranks for your search terms.


Citations should exactly be same across all sites in order to give you the greatest chances of ranking. If you don’t have a physical location, then also you will get the benefits of local citations. As Google shows GMB results for non-address listings for certain industries. They are important for the industries like electrical or plumbing , where they don’t have websites. It is a key component of the ranking algorithms in Google and Bing. Considering all other factors same, business with maximum citations will list higher in SERPs.


You will also get more conversion if you have just launched the website. As your domain authority is less to appear higher in SERPs. But having the listing on the main sites having high authority and PR will give you the chance to even appear on the first page. The only thing you need to do is proper optimization of profiles with valid categories and add your target keywords. So that when people type the search terms matching your keywords will give you a chance to appear on the first page of Google.


Every local directory that you submit to is the chance to get found online. So it’s important to be listed on the best local directories. As this is the quickest way to get conversions, especially if you have started the business or launched your new site. So check out a list of the 30 best local business directories in the USA for your SEO marketing efforts.



S. No Business Directory Free/Paid Alexa rank Domain Authority Page Authority Process
1 Google Places (aka Google+ Local) Free 1 100 53 Address Verification
2 Yelp Free 248 94 90 Direct Submission
3 Foursquare Free 1.64K 94 95 Direct Submission
4 Mapquest Paid 1.78K 94 81 Direct Submission
5 Paid 1.38K 90 65 Phone Verification
6 MerchantCircle Free 29.4K 85 58 Direct Submission
7 Manta Free 2.92K 84 59 Direct Submission
8 SuperPages Free 19.0K 84 75 Direct Submission
9 Whitepages Paid 1.49K 83 65 NA
10 Kudzu Free 82.8K 76 52 Direct Submission
11 Yellowbot Free 60.5K 70 47 Phone Verification
12 Spoke.Com Free 58.9K 70 54 Direct Submission
13 Bing Places Free 34.4K 68 50 Address
14 ChamberofCommerce Paid 70.2K 66 54 NA
15 Free 42.4K 65 51 Direct Submission
16 Brownbook.Net Free 46.9K 61 48 Direct Submission
17 ShowMeLocal Free 49.1K 58 45 Direct Submission
18 Citysquares.Com Free 101K 54 62 Direct Submission
19 EZLocal Free 83.8K 52 55 Direct Submission
20 Free 88.6K 52 44 Direct Submission
21 MagicYellow Free 121K 51 48 Direct Submission
22 Salespider.Com Free 31.5K 51 50 Direct Submission
23 Free 169K 49 45 Direct Submission
24 GetFave Free 145K 47 47 Direct Submission
25 Angieslist Free 162K 45 43 Direct Submission
26 Myhuckleberry.Com 129K 45 35 Direct Submission
27 Free 228K 44 41 Direct Submission
28 Ebusinesspages.Com Free 165K 43 52 Direct Submission
29 Tupalo Free 383K 39 41 Direct Submission
30 Directorycentral.Com Free 321K 39 39 Direct Submission

So list your business on the above local business directories today.

Benefits of White Label SEO Outsourcing

White labeling refers to when a service produced by one agency is branded to appear from other agency. Suppose you are offering SEO services but you want to reduce the costs and management hassles. Then white label SEO outsourcing agency will provide those services for your client making it seem as they come from you only. This helps you to build the deeper relationship with your client. At the same time, it gives you additional revenue as well by adding a margin on top the white label agency charges from you. So it is better do a white label SEO outsourcing. This will provide quality service to the clients.

Following are the benefits of white label SEO outsourcing

Better Quality

They are the skilled people who are SEO expert in doing competitor analysis and on page optimization. Also, help in link building and backlink analysis. This can improve the organic presence and rankings. Regular planning and execution of the strategies would help in the growth of the business. They offer comprehensive solutions for the client SEO needs with on page and off page optimization techniques. Off-page optimization includes link building,  reputation management, content outreaching activities and citation building. Whereas on-page optimization includes keyword research and analyzation, optimization of the images, meta tags development. It also includes strategies to increase an organic traffic and lead or sale conversions to the site. These techniques will improve the online visibility and overall profit of the client.


Best in Technical Work

SEO Algorithms are changing continuously which require the updated knowledge of the latest techniques. It is a challenge to be always on the first page of Google. This service requires proficient, highly skilled and specialized individual So that  he can make out the necessary modification and the implementation of strategies as and when required. Also, it requires regular research, monitoring and the higher level of skills. It can include activities like acquiring more links, creating great and relevant content with target keywords. All these can be handled by an agency to reduce your burden. So it is better to do white label SEO outsourcing.


Save Costs

As SEO is changing quickly, you need to hire more talented individuals. You have to train your existing team to offer the best service. By outsourcing white label SEO, you can reduce these training and development cost of forming a proficient team. This also reduces your other additional costs such as human and technical resources. Through outsourcing, these additional training costs can be eliminated.


Focus on Other Tasks

There are many other important activities that need to be worked on. It includes tracking the number of leads or sales, providing backup, efficient and regular reporting. Taking a follow up on various other services, preparing invoices, etc. You can focus more on the customer oriented service activities rather than on maintenance of the projects. As a result, your clients will get satisfactory results with your services. You will also get a chance to work with more clients due to your good reputation as the referrals.


So, it is important to take the services from a reliable white label SEO providers. This will help to ensure you to get a quality work and on time delivery of your projects.

Professional Ecommerce SEO Services Provider for Small Businesses

Nowadays, people are searching for your products. Online customers just enter the keywords of the product and that keyword could be the name of the product or any of its attribute. If your e-commerce site is SEO optimized, definitely your online store will be more visible to the customers. We provide strong marketing solutions for small businesses at affordable prices and that’s the reason we have grown up to 2600 businesses. So if you want your business to grow quickly, connect with us.

Be found when searched:-

With us, reach new and more customers with full-fledged SEO services. In this era, where almost everyone shop online, having just a website is not enough for you. Your online is just a time waste if no one sees and it and buy anything from it. When you have SEO optimized website, more people will visit your site who are searching for the offers you are already providing. Connect with us and it’s win-win for your business.

Connect with online buyers:-

Use google analytics too and see which e-commerce keywords are hitting the boundaries and then target those keywords. Keywords which are searched customers is included in millions of site, but only of them are visible to customers, why? Because Google SERP’s only shows those pages which have SEO optimized. Our goal is to take your website in those few pages. We aim to the SEO optimization by implementing all the required services. Our marketing strategy is unique and strong as compared to other providers. Our strategy includes local directory listings, web design, web design, SEO, and content creation. All of these things are an essential part of SEO and play a major role in the ranking of your website.

Spend less, Get more:-

There are many companies which charge a lot but their results are not satisfactory. But we work on the motto of “Spend less and get more business”. We offer complete professional e-commerce SEO services within an affordable budget. SEO services have highest ROI (Return on Investment) because if optimized properly it may give you what you haven’t thought ever. Our main target is to achieve more visibility of your site to customers and pull traffic to your online store.

We love our work:-

We love what we do. This is the thing which makes us more suitable for the e-commerce businesses. We hundreds of happy clients who have taken their online business from scratch to the next level. We are the pride of our services and try to build long term relations with our worthy clients.


There are a lot of companies available for SEO of your e-commerce site but only a few of those are worthy of it. We ensure that our company is also in few of those companies. We hope that after reading this guideline you will be able to understand what we are offering and what is our aim. We take great care of our customers and provide them with the best available services for their websites. Give us a try and you will never regret that.

PPC Offer Tips from PPC Professionals

PPC offer administration is a complicated region of PPC advertising, so such a large number of marketers mechanize utilizing the automated offering choice in AdWords or an outsider offer administration arrangement. Yet, both methodologies have advantages and disadvantages.

Get marvelous PPC offer administration tips from the PPC professionals:

-Try not to offer more than you can bear! As a general rule, the highest position is not often the most gainful. – Aaron Levy

– Test every single distinctive kind of automated offering alternatives. Only because you are centered on conversions, it doesn’t mean upgrading for clicks would not drive deals! – Bethany Bey

-Comprehend the genuine estimation of a client and work to expand the client’s quality post deal. In the event that you can raise the client esteem and have a genuine picture of client worth-you can settle on better offer choices. -Brad Geddes

-Continuously consider the position you are obtaining when you audit offers. It is not a competition, and normally the best performance originates from discovering the spot amongst expense and high quality movement volume. – Chris Kostecki

-Utilize ACE to analyze offers and positions in the event that you aren’t certain what those edges are for you. ACE can be to a great degree effective to focus on what the ideal offers for your terms are.- Crystal Anderson

-It’s ideal to begin high and descend than to attempt and keep moving up. Construct that Quality Score right out of the entryway. – Elizabeth Marsten

-Try not to construct offer administration rules in light of Google’s Quality Score Rating. It’s not a precise representation of a win metric. – Greg Meyers

-In case you’re going to utilize any PPC offer administration devices, learn all about it: how can it truly function, what are its restrictions, its benefits etc. Comprehend the benefits and drawbacks to ensure the device can do what you need it to do- to guarantee that you won’t wind up really harming performance. Knowing this data, you can ensure the device is settling on the right choices. – Jeff Daniel

-Modify automation technique as required. All the way through the duration of an operation, the procedures and objectives will be changing. Eventually you may need to concentrate on expanding volume. At different focuses you may need to concentrate on enhancing ROI. As these necessities shift after some time your automation ought to develop also. Keep in mind, offers can be stopped or changed in accordance with your present needs. Obviously, don’t modify your offers too often. Yet, don’t be hesitant to modify, keeping in mind the end goal to concentrate on your present KPIs.- Joseph Kerschbaum

-Make certain that you are constructing your progressions with respect to information! Numerous marketers alter offers in light of an impulse or nonsensical thoughts of how the PPC diversion is played. Significant offer changes depend on the real performance of your advertisement groups and keywords. Deciding a proper think back period will permit you to settle on keen choices on whether to increase or decrease your offers. – John Lee

-In case you’re doing manual offer administration, there are a bundle of manual assignments that you would need to automate. However, I promise that you’ll wind up unintentionally exploding your record performance because offer administration is complicated. It’s difficult to reproduce the collaboration of many diverse offer standards running on a framework. It’s difficult to completely see the greater part of the distinctive variables at play. There will assuredly be unintended reactions. Thus, utilize an outsider offer administration programming device! – Larry Kim

-Pick the offering system that fits your marketing objectives. Continuously test and explore different offering choices and note what is best. I prescribe assessed first-page offer and top page offer measurements, since they give an extraordinary understanding in the amount you ought to offer. Attempt the Keyword Traffic Estimator device to get a thought of the click movement, normal CPC and expense by day for the keywords. Additionally the great device I prescribe is Bid Simulator, which empowers you to note the marketing results you can get in case you utilized an alternate most extreme CPC offer for your advertisement group or keywords. -Marko Kvesic

-At whatever point you need to increase or decrease all offers in a operation rapidly, think about the advertisement planning settings. Essentially modify all offers to, for instance, 70% for all week and you’re finished. It’s quick, simple, and rapidly reversible. -Martin Roettgerding

-Plan your improvement. In case you roll out offer improvements consistently, you’re no doubt not assembling enough information for those progressions to be justified. Utilize your date-book to undertake you with normal offer improvement, advertisement optimization and so forth. -Pam Lund

-Try not to feel like you have to oversee offers each day. Many individuals do every day offer modification. A keyword has to accumulate satisfactory verifiable information before you can settle on a decent choice. The time period you require with a specific end goal to accumulate this information is going to fluctuate contingent upon your keyword offers, match sort, operation spending plan and numerous different elements.  – Shawn Livengood

– Much of the time, the simplest approach to slice CPA is to close down amid the most reduced performing hours. – Todd Mintz

-Take a gander at your offers from a point of view you don’t generally consider. This can be an alternate date or it could take a gander at an alternate measurement of your record where you can adjust offers. – Tom Demers

The Importance of A/B Testing

When you begin testing different components of your showcasing operations, you understand A/B testing best practices is just an unpleasant rule. You never realize what is going to work with your group of people until you A/B test it.

A/B Test Where Your Form Is On the Landing Page

Large portions of the best AB test have originated from testing things that don’t as a matter of course fit into best practices. The most energizing result is from essentially moving the structure on a landing page from the standard right side, to the focal point of the LP.

The current landing page was at that point pretty firmly streamlined and had a conversion rate of around 10%. By rolling out a straightforward improvement and moving the structure to the inside, we could build conversion rate by almost 50% to only a hair under 15%. Not awful to go contrary to what would be expected.

Little A/B Tests Can Have Intense Influences

The test was basic. I made two precise promotions aside from the URL. In one, I utilized the standard while the other utilized starting capitalization and looked like I rehashed this test various times and dependably saw a positive lift.

Unfortunately, Google removed this kind of URL showcase. In any case, at the time, it reconfirmed that little changes could have a significant effect.

The A/B Tests Don’t Need To Be Perfect

To accomplish more prominent results, you should simply superior to anything you right now are.

A/B Tests Show That Small Wording Changes Matter

For PPC advertisements, we never stop to be astonished by how slight changes in accentuation can deliver colossal change in click through.

Having More Steps Gives Stronger Conversion Rates

The most astonishing understanding from an A/B test: the control displayed the item and add to chart alternatives versus a page that situated the item, yet was a single click far from the real item. Despite the additional progression and more language to get past, it considerably out-played the more straightforward way. It had a more grounded conversion rate and a higher AOV.

Test a New Call-to-Action Button

Never number out testing the littlest components. You can without much of a stretch expand your conversions and income even with constrained assets.

Test Everything

The most amazing results from an A/B test was that a desktop adaptation of a landing page radically beat the mobile-specific landing page in a month-long A/B test. The desktop rendition changed over activity into leads at around 15% while the mobile specific page came in at around 10%. It just goes to demonstrate that you need to test everything and that stretches out to actualizing best practices.

Be Resistant to the Temptation To Follow Best Practices

You can make a theory in light of years of experience and several fruitful tests, yet results are difficult to anticipate – particularly when individuals (site guests) are included.

A/B Tests Can Disclose Guest Opinion

By permitting individuals to have the opportunity to explore far from the channel, we will have a higher conversion rate, than when we obliged them.

Terrifying Page vs. Perfect Page A/B Testing

In case the clients are prepared to convert, don’t make them hold up b/c you may lose them. Rather, have a go at giving them more than one choice to change over on a page.

Test All Sides of Your Business

The key here is to be liberal and let the information let you know what to do, rather than listening to some self-declared artificial master or even your client prospects who says something must be done a specific way!

Challenge Standard Marketing Experiences

Relying upon your intended interest group, the flood of movement, the message of your advertisement, your item and so forth, it may really bode well for you to concentrate on elements rather than advantages. In any case, you won’t realize that until you test.

A/B Testing Email vs. Tweets

In the new test 85% of people opted to give their email address.

After further analysis, we also noticed that people would tweet, and then immediately delete it from their stream. This is likely because it’s a personal a/c and they don’t want to share business related links.

Lesson learned: Never assume that even your initial test results are correct. Keep trying new hypotheses until you learn the truth.

A/B Testing Tweets vs. Email

85% of individuals picked to give their email address. When it comes to tweets, individuals would prefer not to share business relate connections.

Never expect that even your fundamental test results are correct. Keep endeavoring new theories until you take as a general rule.

Why to Guess When You Can Test?

Google advertisements demonstrate how even the commas between the words have an unmistakable effect to your main concern. The distinction is viably around 7%. So rather than guessing, you can test.

Adding Greetings to Your Advertisement Copy

Surely we have all heard that the greetings of a business message can have a major effect on conversions. The A B test was exceptionally basic: one variant incorporated the greeting “Dear Friend,” while the other did not.

The version without greeting converted over 28% superior to the first form that incorporated the greeting.

A/B Testing Button Sizes

In one A-B testing, the PPC landing pages were all hand-coded, and essentially served as a passage page to the sign-up procedure, serving up some fundamental visual cues on the advantages of the administration, some important photographs, and a Begin button that connected to the sign-up page. We did a ton of tests on the content substance and pictures, and nothing truly moved the dial. At that point, we made the button greater and saw a colossal lift.

Continuously ensure your client comprehends what the following stride is in your conversion procedure. Make it clearer than you might suspect it ought to be, and you’ll see some pleasant results.

Testing Branded Dynamic Keyword

In a specific PPC account, one operation concentrated on focusing on many brands in the vendor’s vertical. The advertisement feature said something along the lines of: 50% Off Widgets.

I wasn’t permitted to utilize the brand names anyplace in the advertisement content.

We chose to A B test utilizing brand names as a part of the feature.

Since there were such a variety of brands in the operation, the speediest approach to test verification of idea was to change the feature for the numerous advertisement groups to: 50% Off Keyword: Brand.

Overnight, this operation created such a variety of changes. It went from almost zero to the most noteworthy performing effort in the record by around 4x.

A/B Testing Tiny Changes for Great Victory

More often structural changes on a webpage lead to the greatest wins, so when a generally little change gives a major lift in conversion I generally find that truly astounding and intriguing, especially when it beats a more emotional variety.

The following are some harsh wireframes of an AB test. To start with we saw the underlying control page that a customer had set up; there were a few others that we really thought would pass on significantly more trust and power. The customer had a generally new/obscure offering so we thought truly loading up on trust images when the guest achieved the page- would help with conversion and needed to incorporate the extra images into the page.

To start with we made Variation A which utilized the additional trust symbols over the fold in conjunction with the advantage proclamation, and expelled the hero shot that had been in its place.

Variety A lost by a couple rate focuses to the current presentation page.

We thought the extra trust symbols could give a lift if executed legitimately, so we made Variation B, which kept the hero shot over the fold, and rather fused the new trust symbols into an extended trust section just beneath the structure. We likewise redesigned the trust symbols to highlight the new, more profound symbols all the more noticeably inside that segment.

Variety B won by 370%! We were astounded by the outcome, additionally by the extent to which a little change affected conversion while an entirely substantive change to the page had lost by a really little edge.

How to Protect your Search Engine Rankings

If you own a website that you have been consistently updating and maintaining for numerous years, chances are high that you have acquired a decent amount of traffic from search engines. The factor that the majority of webmasters do not take into consideration is that once they have acquired search engine traffic, it does not mean it will remain forever. There are potential bad things that can happen with your website that can result in it being dropped out of search engine rankings. Therefore, what is a webmaster to do to maintain their search engine rankings?

Protect Your Search Engine Rankings

Some extremely authentic and genuine websites have been on the receiving end because of the actions executed by search engines in order to ban spammy websites, which have been successfully created by less than above-board webmasters. There are some tasks that a webmaster can perform in order to reduce the chances of their genuine and legitimate website from being mistaken for a spam website.


(1) Take immense care with regard to who you are linking to on your website

While it is ideal to have links that are of immense help to your website visitors, you need to exercise caution when it comes to who you are eventually linking to. If you link to websites that are deemed as “bad neighborhoods,” you will surely see a drop when it comes to your search engine results. This is primarily because search engines will make an assumption that you are carrying out linking merely to increase your search engine ranking. Avoid linking to websites and web pages that are primarily a list of links. A majority of these websites are quite spammy, and they also eventually link to several “questionable” websites. If you wish to put your link in a link directory, opt for high-quality link directories, especially if such directories need a reciprocal link back to their website. On some occasions, paying a few extra bucks they demand to eventually get listed could be worth every penny because they filter out all the spammers. The penalty hit is from an action on your part of effectively linking to the bad neighborhood so that you can control it by abstaining from linking in the first place. If you are not quite sure if the websites are in bad neighborhoods or not, you can check it out easily by usage of online tools that inform you if your website is eventually linking to bad neighborhoods. Tools such as bad can provide you with in-depth info with regard to the websites you are actually linking to.


(2) Ensure that your Keyword Density is not too high

Your website’s keyword density is another factor that impacts your search engine rankings. Search engines determine your website’s relevancy with regard to a specific subject through the usage of keywords in the text of your web pages. The higher the keyword density, the more will be the relevancy of the web page for that particular keyword subject. However, an extremely high keyword density will make search engines conclude that you are attempting to spam them. These search engines will eventually penalize your website for keyword stuffing a.k.a. keyword spamming. Content that has a conversational tone or an extremely natural editorial flavor can result in a premium keyword density and effectively leave you with high-quality content. The general thumb rule is that your keyword must never appear in more than half of the web page’s sentences. A more optimal approach is to have your keyword not appearing in more than one-third of the sentences, yet effectively use synonyms and several other related keywords on the web page for adding relevance. To conclude, your keyword density should not exceed 3%. Tools such as can provide you a quick reference to keyword density for web pages.


There are some easy ways to keep your legitimate and genuine website above board and not have it wrongly mistaken for a spam site so that it does not lose its rank in major search engines. The above two tasks are the easiest and quickest to carry out to keep your website above board while simultaneously achieving optimum ranking in search engines.

How to Remove Online Complaints?

Internet has come as a huge boon to businesses around the world. This is especially true for small businesses and start-ups that can now reach out to their target audience without having to burn a hole in their pocket. Creating a strong presence in the online world has become one of most vital ingredients of success for any business. In this free and open media, there are a number of ways in which you can promote your products and services. But this openness of the Internet can often come back to hit you. An unhappy customer writing negative comments or posting a complaint about your products or services is enough to turn away may business opportunities. On other occasions your competitors or those with vested interests may malign your image by posting ill about your brand. At such challenging moments you often wonder how to remove online complaints.


How to Remove Online Complaints
How to Remove Online Complaints?

Types of Complaints
Before we start discussing how to remove online complaints let us take a look at the different types of complaints that can hurt your brand reputation.

  • Negative Reviews
  • Consumer Complaints on Google
  • Defamatory Viral Video
  • Ripoff Reports
  • Mugshots Reports

All such types of complaints can do serious damage to your brand reputation and worst of all, it is quite impossible for you to evaluate the loss of business due to such complains. To overcome this issue you need to get in touch with a company that offers Online Reputation Management Services. They have expertise in dealing with such kinds of compliant and bring in a highly methodical approach to remove online complaints. Let us offer you an insight into a typical approach to online complaint management

Online Reputation Management Solutions and Tips
Online Reputation Management Solutions and Tips
  • Research – Every complaint is different both in terms of their content and the potential damage they do to your brand. For instance a complaint that ranks in the top three results can give you a death blow compared to one on the second page that can only prick you! So an ORM company starts by researching on the nature of the complaints and threat it poses.
  • Burial – It is near impossible to remove complaints from most of the above mentioned platforms. So the team would work in pushing the negative results to the inner pages of the Google results. This makes them near impossible to cause any substantial damage to your brand. They achieve this using their expertise in Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing techniques.
  • Branding – It is a continuous exercise and ORM companies insist on branding your business afresh to help you reach out to a wider audience. This is quite the opposite of publishing a complaint, where your reviews would be published in the top platforms to ensure customers land up on pages that speak positive things about your brand instead of negative ones.
  • Monitoring – It is extremely important to constantly keep watch on the content that is posted about your brand. If a negative complaint is unearthed, they take immediate action against it to minimize the damage caused to your brand.

If you have come across complaints or any other negative stuff regarding your brand, you need to immediately get into action and hire ORM specialists. As stated above you can’t evaluate the potential damage that these may cause to your brand.

To remove online complaints , one needs to hire the services of a professional Online Reputation Management Company that has expertise in this trade. They would use their skills to push down the complaints and minimize the damage on your brand.

Best SEO Off Page Techniques in 2016

Search Engine Optimization is often understood to be about optimizing the keywords, landing pages and the XML sitemap. Since most off-page SEO techniques have their individual names we often think them to be different from SEO. The fact remains off-page SEO is as important as optimizing the website and helps you reach out to your target audience and vice versa. Whether you hire an offshore SEO agency or do it yourself, here are some of the best off-page SEO techniques for 2016 that you must try.

SEO Off Page Link wheel

  • Social Media Marketing – The world is increasingly going social and here you need to take full advantage of it. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ have become part of people’s daily lives and you must create a strong presence in these networks. They allow you to quickly connect with your potential customers and convert these leads into sales.
  • Blogging – It doesn’t require much effort to publish a blog periodically but it can do wonders to your SEO campaign. Fresh blogs give your visitors a reason to come back to your site. It also attracts search engine crawlers to your site regularly. However you need to write unique posts that are informative and engaging to succeed with this technique.
  • Create Infographics – This has emerged as one of the top off-page marketing techniques. These are wonderful visual representation of information using graphics and images. They immediately strike a chord with the audience and help you promote your brand both to the users as well as the search engines.
  • Social Bookmarking – For content marketing sites it is one of the most potent ways of adding to the SEO score. You can submit all your news and blogs to the most popular bookmarking sites that include StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, Digg, etc. and you would witness rewarding results. However be choosy with the networks and pick on the top bookmarking platforms.
  • Get The Business Reviewed – There are authority review sites for almost all types of businesses. For example, businesses in the hospitality industry thrive on the rankings of TripAdvisor. You may request the offshore SEO agency to get the business reviewed on appropriate platforms as this helps you climb up in the ranking ladder.
  • Articles/Press Release Submission – It is a tried and tested technique that helps you get high quality in-bound links to the website. You need to choose the top article submission sites such as Article Base, Ezine, Hub Pages and PR sites such as PRLog, PRWeb and PRNewwire and you would immediately cash on with tons of traffic.
  • Video Marketing – This is one of the newest ways of marketing your business. It works similar to articles and press releases with the only difference being you are marketing using videos. Prepare interesting videos around your business; these could be product demonstrations, tutorial or other types of videos. Share them on YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and Daily Motion etc. share these on social media and other platforms.

Off-page optimization needs to be planned and executed meticulously. Every business is different and so are its needs. Hence you need the services of an offshore SEO agency that can tailor a strategy to meet your niche needs.

Off-page SEO is vital for the success of any marketing campaign. In 2016 Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Social Bookmarking and Video Marketing has emerged as the top off-page SEO techniques.