Effective Off- Page SEO Techniques To Get Your Business On Top

Off-page optimization has the noteworthy impact on search engine rankings. If you rank for a keyword on 2nd or 3rd page, it’ not going to help to get any single sale. To get results, you need to reserve the first spot in major search engine including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The more quality backlinks your website has, the more you have chances to rank at no. 1. Here I outlined advanced off page SEO techniques. If you follow them, you will see the great improvement in organic search engine traffic and ranking.

#1 Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an organic SEO technique. Blog commenting lets you build friendly relation with other Webmasters and bloggers. Videos and Infographics get more comments as compare to simple words. So try and participate on the blog that has a lot of interesting stuff. Also, it can get you link juice from quality sites but, that is possible only if you’re commenting on a do-follow comment luv blog.

Several bloggers are using blog comments to establish their relationship with other popular bloggers.

Blog commenting is not at all about getting links on keywords or you may say it’s not a place to target your website and many newbies make such mistakes. They try to get backlinks from anchor text using in comment body and using the keyword at the place of the name. The result is time wasting; nobody wants someone to come and spam their blog.

Most of the time comments are moderated and if noticed you are commenting to get only a backlink, they click on spam section and your comment is gone for forever in spam section and you become a spammer in particular webmaster opinion.

So, avoid spamming and make efforts to get good backlinks in your niche.

#2 Guest posting

Guest posting will always be on the top and is one of the best off page SEO techniques. It does not only help in getting do-follow links from authority sites but also send a lot of referral traffic to your blog that leads to fame and connections also. Know How?

When you contribute a guest post to the top blog in your niche, it will be shared by the top blogger at their social networking sites. And it’s very much clear that top blog has lots of followers on social media.

Search for authority blogs in your niche, check the organic traffic in SEMRUSH or SIMILAR WEB, if the blog has no traffic, then it will not add much value for you. It’s better to avoid blogs with no traffic and put more efforts to find blogs with good organic traffic.

Try and write in-depth articles. These depth articles always rank higher in Google search results. Average Google 1st page’s results have 1,800 words.

Reply to every comment on your blog by doing this; you will build the connections with blog audience. Just imagine the potential of guest posting.

Share it with your social media audience; if they’ll love to read it and if some found value in your content, they may invite you for guest posting on their blog.

Don’t wait, give it a try as this is for sure a most powerful off page SEO.

#3 Answer Questions

If you are participating in answering questions on sites like Quora or answers.com, you are actually establishing your reputation as an expert in your niche. You can also place your website’s link in the source section so that it is easier for people to visit your web page. If you are not involved in spamming, this will be great to enhance the popularity of your link.

#4 Local Listings

In accordance with the niche of your website, you can find the listings in the local directories and it is immensely helpful. Why face huge competition in the global market, when you can list your website locally and promote the business? This enables to reach your target audience and the search engines are also able to view the site and fetch the necessary content.

#5 Create Profile

The ability to dominate a market segment, particularly if you are a local brand, highly depends on the brand awareness you build in your local community, whether through offline or online.

Local link building nowadays is leading towards partnerships with local organizations and institutions as well as really getting into the minds of your customers (mindshare), which is a solid combination of an off-page SEO strategy that can certainly impact your lead generation process.

One easy way, but mostly overlooked off-page SEO technique in building local links is creating niche profiles.


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