How to Plan E-commerce SEO Strategy for Your Website?

It’s important to rank on the top for your e-commerce website by knowing all the SEO tips and tricks. Whether you have just launched a website or improving an existing website, this E-commerce SEO strategy will help you not only be on the first page but to rank #1.


Step 1- Research

Research is the most important part of this E-commerce SEO strategy. It includes- Keyword and Competitor Research.

Right keywords’ selection is important in SEO for an e-commerce website. The selection of keywords should be based on the relevancy, search volume, competition or keyword difficulty. It’s always better to select the exact match keywords. Because too broad keywords will result in low conversion rate and high bounce rate.

Competitor research also plays an important role in SEO e-commerce website. By spying their keywords, inbound links, PA and DA, improvements can be done on the website.


Step 2- Identification of Current Problems

It is important to identify the current problems for the good performance of the website and better user experience. So download the Screaming Frog and analyze your pages deeply for duplicate titles, duplicate descriptions, missing meta tags, missing ALT text. Also, fix all the broken links in Google Search Console tool as they will hurt your SEO efforts and keep the visitors away.

In e-commerce websites, there are duplication problems. So analyze your site though Siteliner for the internal content and Copyscape for the external content.

Check the website speed at Google speed test and fix it to retain your visitors and sales. Site speed is one of the ranking factors used by Google and it is important as the faster the page loads, the customers will be more satisfied.

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Step 3- On Page Optimization

Analyzing on page optimization factors is the crucial step of e-commerce SEO strategy to rank at the top position in search results. So focus on the optimization of below-mentioned factors-


  1. Keywords and Content Optimization- Include target keywords in the page title, headings, paragraph copy, product descriptions, meta title and description, URLs. Don’t over optimize the meta tags and keep it user-friendly to achieve higher click through rates.


  1. Site Structure and Navigation- Website should follow a proper hierarchy containing right products under the right category. So that user can easily navigate through main tabs when he searches or purchases a product.


  1. Mobile Version of Site- It is important to have the mobile version of the site as Google is giving significant preference to the mobile version especially after Mobile First Indexing update. To target a larger audience this is essential as most of the people prefer shopping from mobile devices and this will grow in the upcoming years. So having the mobile app is also an additional advantage to achieve high sales.


  1. URL Optimization- This is one easy way to improve SEO for e-commerce website. As there are many products, so URL should follow a proper structure containing a target keyword and SEO friendliness.


Also, you need to put SEO efforts on internal linking optimization, building customer reviews, rich snippets and schema markup implementations, image optimization and social media integration of the site. Block the payment and other critical pages in the  robots.txt file of the site.


Remember to use white hat SEO strategies to achieve higher rankings in SERPs. So that you have fewer risks and long term quality relationships.


Step 4- Off Page Factors

Currently, off page SEO techniques are based on personal branding, relationship building, content outreach methods. Link earning techniques are getting more value than traditional link building techniques. Building links through social channels are the better way to interact with your customer and persuade them to buy your products.


So follow the above steps to achieve success in the SEO of your e-commerce website.

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