AdWords Optimization Strategies for Better Conversions

AdWords optimization is necessary to increase the conversions and get the better return on investment. Check out the AdWords optimization strategies for better conversion rates and profitability of the business.



If you have 30 unique reviews of minimum four star, you are eligible to display them using the seller rating extension. This is verified by Google and is displayed along with your ad. Positive reviews are the great way to get higher click through rates and establish a trust factor as well. So choose good reviews available on your site. Keep this thing in mind that reviews are only displayed on the search network and on the desktop only.


Mobile Optimization

 The trend of the mobile traffic is increasing and will continue to rise in coming years. As a lot of competition is there, so you need to optimize the ad to get to the top position to get the click. Regularly monitor the ad position on mobile devices and run separate campaigns for them. You can raise the bid amount on the mobile devices by setting bid adjustments. This is one of the most important AdWords optimization strategies.


Enhanced CPC

Enhanced CPC is a bidding feature that raises your bid by 30% to lead to a sale or conversion if an ad auction looks to go your way by AdWords. ECPC improves the ROI of the campaign by increasing the bid for clicks that AdWords determines will get converted. So that you will get more value from your budget. It requires conversion tracking. To set this bidding strategy, choose the settings tab of your campaign.


Dynamic Keyword Insertion 

 This is an extremely powerful technique to get good conversions, but to be used carefully. It lets you to create dynamic ads by replacing a pre-defined code in response to user’s query. The benefit of this is a customer will likely to click on an ad which has the exact words typed by him in the search box. So let’s look at it with an example below.

You have an Ad Group for t-shirts that include keywords like t-shirts, men’s t-shirts, casual t-shirts


With DKI, you can create an ad that will show a user who searches for “t-shirts” the word t-shirts, for those who search for “men’s t-shirts” and so on, right in the text of the ad. This will improve your click through rates.


Measure Smart Goals

Smart goals include newsletter subscriptions, downloads, online sales, leads generated,  long sessions of users and more page visits. This will help you to understand who your high-value customers are and from where they are coming, giving you an opportunity to optimize the ad for them. Some people still believe in traditional goals of driving traffic. But smart goals can only help you to achieve the desired results. Keep exploring ways to achieve these goals and plan a strategy to optimize the campaigns for these metrics.


So follow all these AdWords optimization strategies to get better conversions and if done well, then AdWords can yield good results for your business.


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