Flaws of Pay Per Click Advertising With Usage Guidance

It has been only a few years since PPC came into existence; it has taken the whole internet marketplace by storm. Now, it has been accepted as an indispensable marketing strategy by the online marketing experts all over the world. Basically, pay per click is a marketing process in which website or business owners bring traffic to their website and for every visitor, they pay for the internet search engine. It is also called Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) because these search engine advertisements are sold on the basis of number of clicks.


Although PPC is recommended as an effective technique by the experts, but it is ineffective when performed solely. Many reports have shown that only 18% ROI can be achieved when paid advertising is performed solely for any business.

Should You Stop Using PPC?

There are a few evidences showing PPC failure when performed on its own. But, businesses are continually using it even though they do not gain what they expect from it. This is because PPC appears very attractive and simple way to generate new sales lead.  It is easy to implement and you can use services of white label pay per click agencies to get the work done for you.

PPC can put in the category of “get rich quick scheme”. We are not saying that PPC is failing, but PPC is just a short term solution that gives amazing results for a small duration. But if you think about long term, it has to be combined with search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. To sum up, PPC as a lone entity is ineffective and must be used with other online strategies.

The Fundamental Flaws of PPC Advertising

Flaws have taken place due to misuse of paid advertising around the world. Two major factors behind the ineffectiveness of paid advertising campaigns are:

Number #1: It is a short term solution.

The purpose of PPC is to catch the attention of viewers who are searching for services or products provided by you. It just helps you attract possible visitors, but do not guarantee sales. So when it is used as a lone marketing strategy, it provides only small scale returns. You cannot entirely depend on it.

Number #2: It does not create brand awareness.

It attracts majorly window shoppers who are more concerned about cost and discount offers, rather than quality of the product. If you want to leverage paid advertising campaign, brand element is a must.

Reviving a Dying Technique of PPC

In order to appreciate the true value of PPC, business needs to think in a realistic manner. They need to address a long term marketing solution. Though PPC is a good place to start, but in order to survive in today’s cut throat online marketing competition, it is important to build a strategy around all possible marketing techniques, including PPC, SEO and content marketing, etc.

Think about a strategy that is focused on increasing click through rates and cost per conversion for rewards from search engines and develop a clear strategy.

Last, but certainly not the least, PPC is not a dying technique, but many businesses are using it an incorrect way that is degrading its value. All you need is to understand how to use PPC advertising correctly in order to see more positive results. You can approach a reputed white label pay per click agency to sort these issues for you.


PPC is effective only when it is used in combination with content marketing and SEO techniques. No business can achieve success based on the pay per click advertising only; it is a short term solution.


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