Eight Ways in which Content Marketing and SEO Can Work Together

Since the establishment of the term content marketing a few years ago, there has been much talk about the end of SEO. Most search agencies have rebranded their content expertise due to the innovation of content marketing but this doesn’t mean that content marketing has rendered SEO outdated. Indeed, the two tools should work together, and the use of either has to include both SEO and content if it is to be truly effective online.

The key differences between content marketing and SEO; some aspects of SEO are more technical which includes the use of correct URLs, ALT tags, sitemaps, title and so on while content marketing is comprehensive and isn’t necessarily confined to SEO goals.


SEO is merely about creating good content for the search engines to index. This is why the SEO experts such as SEO Reseller Services India and content teams need to work together.

Below shows some ways in which SEO and content marketing can work together:


  1. Creating Original and Quality Content  

Writing weak content will not work for a content marketing point of view, as it won’t help to attract and retain an audience. From SEO Reseller Services India point of view original, inspire, valuable and engaging content will make you stand out from other competitors, as it provides the search engines something to index that can’t be found elsewhere. It also assists your content marketing goals, as original, quality and easy to read content is far more likely to attract more audience you’re targeting.

  1. Evergreen Content and SEO 

Creating a content that can last for years is a great strategy for boosting your search rankings, as well as making your website more useful. Articles that contain valuable advice and insight will attract the kinds of audience, links and engagement metrics that Google need, and it’s possible to perform well in the search rankings for a long period of time.

  1. Keyword Research  

Keyword research is important for content marketing and SEO to work very well together. The quality has to be in the content you produce and you must be sure that the content you create accomplishes the exposure they merit. To accomplish this, your content needs to be linked with the search terms that users are using and answer these search queries effectively.

Use keyword research to know which terms are popular and link the language you use to the way users search.

  1. Monitoring Keyword Goals

Is the content you create hitting the mark? Is it having an effect on search positions? It’s important you monitor and measure your efforts. It might take time before you see any changes in search, and it may be very competitive for specific keywords.

  1. Link Building

Create good content that people will want to link and see how it works. Distribute effectively in order to gain the attention of your audience as soon as possible. Good content always gets back links and bad links results into a google penalty.

  1. Internal Linking

Internal linking can assist Google crawl your site more effectively, help pages to rank well for specific search terms, and also direct people toward content that is relevant to the article they’re reading. Try to be a part of the thinking when writing contents.

  1. Measurement

SEO Reseller Services India explains that it’s important to evaluate the effects of the content you build in terms of SEO goals. There are some tools that can be used to track changes in the rank positions and see the results of your efforts if you’re aiming to improve rank.

Analytics can be used to see the volume of search traffic changes over time, and which of your pages and articles are most effective.


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