How to Protect your Search Engine Rankings

If you own a website that you have been consistently updating and maintaining for numerous years, chances are high that you have acquired a decent amount of traffic from search engines. The factor that the majority of webmasters do not take into consideration is that once they have acquired search engine traffic, it does not mean it will remain forever. There are potential bad things that can happen with your website that can result in it being dropped out of search engine rankings. Therefore, what is a webmaster to do to maintain their search engine rankings?

Protect Your Search Engine Rankings

Some extremely authentic and genuine websites have been on the receiving end because of the actions executed by search engines in order to ban spammy websites, which have been successfully created by less than above-board webmasters. There are some tasks that a webmaster can perform in order to reduce the chances of their genuine and legitimate website from being mistaken for a spam website.


(1) Take immense care with regard to who you are linking to on your website

While it is ideal to have links that are of immense help to your website visitors, you need to exercise caution when it comes to who you are eventually linking to. If you link to websites that are deemed as “bad neighborhoods,” you will surely see a drop when it comes to your search engine results. This is primarily because search engines will make an assumption that you are carrying out linking merely to increase your search engine ranking. Avoid linking to websites and web pages that are primarily a list of links. A majority of these websites are quite spammy, and they also eventually link to several “questionable” websites. If you wish to put your link in a link directory, opt for high-quality link directories, especially if such directories need a reciprocal link back to their website. On some occasions, paying a few extra bucks they demand to eventually get listed could be worth every penny because they filter out all the spammers. The penalty hit is from an action on your part of effectively linking to the bad neighborhood so that you can control it by abstaining from linking in the first place. If you are not quite sure if the websites are in bad neighborhoods or not, you can check it out easily by usage of online tools that inform you if your website is eventually linking to bad neighborhoods. Tools such as bad can provide you with in-depth info with regard to the websites you are actually linking to.


(2) Ensure that your Keyword Density is not too high

Your website’s keyword density is another factor that impacts your search engine rankings. Search engines determine your website’s relevancy with regard to a specific subject through the usage of keywords in the text of your web pages. The higher the keyword density, the more will be the relevancy of the web page for that particular keyword subject. However, an extremely high keyword density will make search engines conclude that you are attempting to spam them. These search engines will eventually penalize your website for keyword stuffing a.k.a. keyword spamming. Content that has a conversational tone or an extremely natural editorial flavor can result in a premium keyword density and effectively leave you with high-quality content. The general thumb rule is that your keyword must never appear in more than half of the web page’s sentences. A more optimal approach is to have your keyword not appearing in more than one-third of the sentences, yet effectively use synonyms and several other related keywords on the web page for adding relevance. To conclude, your keyword density should not exceed 3%. Tools such as can provide you a quick reference to keyword density for web pages.


There are some easy ways to keep your legitimate and genuine website above board and not have it wrongly mistaken for a spam site so that it does not lose its rank in major search engines. The above two tasks are the easiest and quickest to carry out to keep your website above board while simultaneously achieving optimum ranking in search engines.


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