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How to Remove Online Complaints?

Internet has come as a huge boon to businesses around the world. This is especially true for small businesses and start-ups that can now reach out to their target audience without having to burn a hole in their pocket. Creating a strong presence in the online world has become one of most vital ingredients of success for any business. In this free and open media, there are a number of ways in which you can promote your products and services. But this openness of the Internet can often come back to hit you. An unhappy customer writing negative comments or posting a complaint about your products or services is enough to turn away may business opportunities. On other occasions your competitors or those with vested interests may malign your image by posting ill about your brand. At such challenging moments you often wonder how to remove online complaints.


How to Remove Online Complaints
How to Remove Online Complaints?

Types of Complaints
Before we start discussing how to remove online complaints let us take a look at the different types of complaints that can hurt your brand reputation.

  • Negative Reviews
  • Consumer Complaints on Google
  • Defamatory Viral Video
  • Ripoff Reports
  • Mugshots Reports

All such types of complaints can do serious damage to your brand reputation and worst of all, it is quite impossible for you to evaluate the loss of business due to such complains. To overcome this issue you need to get in touch with a company that offers Online Reputation Management Services. They have expertise in dealing with such kinds of compliant and bring in a highly methodical approach to remove online complaints. Let us offer you an insight into a typical approach to online complaint management

Online Reputation Management Solutions and Tips
Online Reputation Management Solutions and Tips
  • Research – Every complaint is different both in terms of their content and the potential damage they do to your brand. For instance a complaint that ranks in the top three results can give you a death blow compared to one on the second page that can only prick you! So an ORM company starts by researching on the nature of the complaints and threat it poses.
  • Burial – It is near impossible to remove complaints from most of the above mentioned platforms. So the team would work in pushing the negative results to the inner pages of the Google results. This makes them near impossible to cause any substantial damage to your brand. They achieve this using their expertise in Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing techniques.
  • Branding – It is a continuous exercise and ORM companies insist on branding your business afresh to help you reach out to a wider audience. This is quite the opposite of publishing a complaint, where your reviews would be published in the top platforms to ensure customers land up on pages that speak positive things about your brand instead of negative ones.
  • Monitoring – It is extremely important to constantly keep watch on the content that is posted about your brand. If a negative complaint is unearthed, they take immediate action against it to minimize the damage caused to your brand.

If you have come across complaints or any other negative stuff regarding your brand, you need to immediately get into action and hire ORM specialists. As stated above you can’t evaluate the potential damage that these may cause to your brand.

To remove online complaints , one needs to hire the services of a professional Online Reputation Management Company that has expertise in this trade. They would use their skills to push down the complaints and minimize the damage on your brand.


Best SEO Off Page Techniques in 2016

Search Engine Optimization is often understood to be about optimizing the keywords, landing pages and the XML sitemap. Since most off-page SEO techniques have their individual names we often think them to be different from SEO. The fact remains off-page SEO is as important as optimizing the website and helps you reach out to your target audience and vice versa. Whether you hire an offshore SEO agency or do it yourself, here are some of the best off-page SEO techniques for 2016 that you must try.

SEO Off Page Link wheel

  • Social Media Marketing – The world is increasingly going social and here you need to take full advantage of it. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ have become part of people’s daily lives and you must create a strong presence in these networks. They allow you to quickly connect with your potential customers and convert these leads into sales.
  • Blogging – It doesn’t require much effort to publish a blog periodically but it can do wonders to your SEO campaign. Fresh blogs give your visitors a reason to come back to your site. It also attracts search engine crawlers to your site regularly. However you need to write unique posts that are informative and engaging to succeed with this technique.
  • Create Infographics – This has emerged as one of the top off-page marketing techniques. These are wonderful visual representation of information using graphics and images. They immediately strike a chord with the audience and help you promote your brand both to the users as well as the search engines.
  • Social Bookmarking – For content marketing sites it is one of the most potent ways of adding to the SEO score. You can submit all your news and blogs to the most popular bookmarking sites that include StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, Digg, etc. and you would witness rewarding results. However be choosy with the networks and pick on the top bookmarking platforms.
  • Get The Business Reviewed – There are authority review sites for almost all types of businesses. For example, businesses in the hospitality industry thrive on the rankings of TripAdvisor. You may request the offshore SEO agency to get the business reviewed on appropriate platforms as this helps you climb up in the ranking ladder.
  • Articles/Press Release Submission – It is a tried and tested technique that helps you get high quality in-bound links to the website. You need to choose the top article submission sites such as Article Base, Ezine, Hub Pages and PR sites such as PRLog, PRWeb and PRNewwire and you would immediately cash on with tons of traffic.
  • Video Marketing – This is one of the newest ways of marketing your business. It works similar to articles and press releases with the only difference being you are marketing using videos. Prepare interesting videos around your business; these could be product demonstrations, tutorial or other types of videos. Share them on YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and Daily Motion etc. share these on social media and other platforms.

Off-page optimization needs to be planned and executed meticulously. Every business is different and so are its needs. Hence you need the services of an offshore SEO agency that can tailor a strategy to meet your niche needs.

Off-page SEO is vital for the success of any marketing campaign. In 2016 Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Social Bookmarking and Video Marketing has emerged as the top off-page SEO techniques.